Close to Me

Original title: 

Close to Me

Polish title: 

Blisko mnie

1st edition: 
Wydawnictwo Kobiece

Jo Harding can't remember the last year of her life. And her husband wants to keep it that way. When Jo falls down the stairs at home, she wakes up in the hospital with partial amnesia. In fact, she finds that she's lost an entire year of memories. She can't remember what she did, or anything that happened the night she fell. A lot can happen in a year, and she begins to discover that she may have been leading a double life before the accident. As she questions the details of the past year and why her family wants her to stay in the dark, she begins to realize she might not be as good a wife and mother as she might have hoped.

Amanda Reynolds writes domestic noir/psychological suspense. Her books are published in the UK and US and translated into multiple languages. Her first book Close to Me, published in 2017 by Headline (Wildfire) was a Kindle bestseller. She hasn't always been an author. She's been a teaching assistant, a sales trainer, a full-time mum, an entrepreneur, and had lots of part-time jobs, including, many years ago, a summer spent milking goats and working at an outdoor pool. In 2011, she set up Cotswold Creative Writing, teaching two writing classes a week for five years. During that time her writers won many prestigious competitions for their short stories. When Close to Me was published, someone asked her why it had taken her so long to write her first novel. It was a combination of a few factors, her children growing up, finding a great group of writers in her area, and deciding that she had a story to tell. She now writes full time. She also mentors debut authors, in the spirit of paying it forward.