Meet Your Hormones

Nicola TEMPLE & Catherine WHITLOCK
Original title: 

Meet Your Hormones

Polish title: 

Poznaj swoje hormony

1st edition: 
Insignis Media

Catherine Whitlock is a science writer with a BSc in Biological Sciences and a PhD in Immunology. She has previously worked in biomedical research in London labs, primarily exploring immune response in autoimmune diseases. This work, combined with teaching roles at Kings College London and NYU London, led her to working as a science communicator, writing about science, medicine and nature. Catherine is based in Kent, England, and she is also the co-author of Meet Your Bacteria.
Nicola Temple worked as a conservation biologist before becoming a full-time writer, specialising in science and the environment. She has an MSc in Biological Sciences and lives in Bristol, England.
John Wass, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University

Did you know that you have thousands, perhaps millions, of hormones in your bloodstream? Did you know that these complex chemical messengers regulate the function of our cells and organs? Or that they keep our bodies working properly, co-ordinating processes like growth, fertility and metabolism? Meet Your Hormones explores and explains the fascinating world of hidden hormones: what they are, what they do and why you can’t live without these super-fast chemical messengers. Including in-depth profiles on each of the most important hormones at work in the human body, and helpful advice on how you can look after your own health through greater knowledge of your hormones, this is a wide-ranging introduction to the secret world inside your own body.
This book:
– Explores what hormones are, where they are made and how they work
– Explains the key functions of the body in which they are involved
– Offers practical advice on how we can help our hormones help us through diet and lifestyle
– Examines the latest thinking and cutting-edge research
– Forms a companion volume to Meet Your Bacteria