In 2003-2011 I was responsible for the literary section of the Polish magazine Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror and edited hundreds of short stories, written both by people trying out their talents in the literary sphere and authors who were well known and established on the Polish market. It was the most valuable experience of my editing work, which however can’t be compared to copy-editing book translations, of which I’ve done over a hundred. Also, I have had the pleasure of editing novels written by Polish authors, and most recently I started to copy-edit Polish to English translations (you can see a list of selected titles below).

Gene BREWER, K-PAX tetralogy: K-Pax; On a Beam of Light; Worlds of Prot; A New Visitor from the Constellation Lyra.
Dan BROWN, Inferno.
Guy BURT, The Hole.
Salvador DALI, Pensées et anecdotes.
Carolly ERICKSON, The Tsarina's Daughter.
Raymond E. FEIST, Janny WURTS, THE EMPIRE trilogy: Daughter of the Empire; Servant of the Empire; Mistress of the Empire.
William GIBSON, Spook Country.
James GRADY, Six Days of the Condor.
Sergio KOKIS, Le maître de jeu.
Michael LEWIS, Big Short.
Unni LINDELL, Rødhette.
Kirino NATSUO, Riaru Wārudo.
Charles PORTIS, True Grit.
John Burnham SCHWARTZ, The Commoner.
Robyn YOUNG, THE BRETHREN trilogy: Brethren; Crusade; Requiem.

Robert J. SZMIDT, Apokalipsa według Pana Jana.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Kroniki jednorożca: Polowanie.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Samotność Anioła Zagłady: Adam.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Pola dawno zapomnianych bitew.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Szczury Wrocławia: Chaos, Kraty, Szpital.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Metro 2033: Otchłań, Wieża, Riese.
Robert J. SZMIDT, Szpony smoka: Zgasić Słońce.
Robert J. SZMIDT Mrok nad Tokyoramą.

Andrzej SAPKOWSKI, Baptism of Fire.