The Beach House

Original title: 

The Beach House

Polish title: 

Domek na plaży

1st edition: 
II.2010 (paperback)
Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga

Jane Green (born 1968), is the pen name of Jane Green Warburg, an English author of women's novels. Green was born in London, England. She attended the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and worked as a journalist throughout her twenties. At 27, she published her first book, which went straight on to the bestseller lists. Her novels The Beach House and Second Chance were on the "New York Times" bestseller list for several weeks during the summer of 2008. Green is divorced and lives in Connecticut with her second husband, Ian Warburg, six children, two dogs and four cats.

Known in Nantucket as the crazy woman who lives in the rambling house atop the bluff, Nan doesn’t care what people think. At sixty-five-years old, her husband died twenty years ago, her beauty has faded, and her family has flown. If her neighbours are away, why shouldn’t she skinny dip in their swimming pools and help herself to their flowers? But when she discovers the money she thought would last forever is dwindling and she could lose her beloved house, Nan knows she has to make drastic changes. So Nan takes out an ad: Rooms to rent for the summer in a beautiful old Nantucket home with water views and direct access to the beach. Slowly, people start moving into the house, filling it with noise, with laughter, and with tears. As the house comes alive again, Nan finds her family expanding. Her son comes home for the summer, and then an unexpected visitor turns all their lives upside-down.