The Fifth Secret

Joanna HINES
Original title: 

The Fifth Secret

Polish title: 

Piąty sekret

1st edition: 
IX.2006 (hardcover)
Next editions: 

IV.2007 (paperback)


Joanna Hines was born in London. She read history at Somerville College, Oxford, then studied at the London School of Economics. She is married to the Canadian poet Derrek Hines and divides her time between London and Cornwall.

Through timeless summer days in a cottage by the river, five children amuse themselves with games of secrecy and murder. Years later one of them is dead, another has been mysteriously attacked and a third has vanished. The fourth, Jane Baer, is struggling to cope with an ailing business and her impossibly nice husband. Then there's a phone call in the middle of the night: an urgent whisper, and old summons for help. Curiosisty and an unwelcome sense of loyalty send Jane off on a search into the past which will bring danger and heartache. A search in which she will finally discover the truth behind the adult whisperings that plagued her childhood, and the secrets which haunt her still.