The Third Angel

Original title: 

The Third Angel

Polish title: 

Trzeci anioł

1st edition: 
II.2010 (paperback)
Next editions: 

IV.2010 (paperback)

Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga

Alice Hoffman, born in 1952, grew up on Long Island in New York and received an MA in creative writing from the Stanford University where she wrote her first novel. She currently lives in Boston and New York. She has published a total of eighteen novels, two books of short fiction, and eight books for children and young adults. Her novel, Here on Earth, an Oprah Book Club choice, was a modern reworking of some of the themes of Emily Bronte's masterpiece Wuthering Heights. Practical Magic was made into a Warner film starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. Hoffman's work has been published in more than twenty translations and more than one hundred foreign editions. Her novels have received mention as notable books of the year by "The New York Times". Her teen novel Aquamarine was recently made into a film starring Emma Roberts.

In The Third Angel, Hoffman weaves a magical and stunningly original story that charts the lives of three women in love with the wrong men: headstrong Madeline Heller finds herself hopelessly attracted to her sister’s fiancé. Frieda Lewis, a doctor’s daughter and a runaway, becomes the muse of an ill-fated rock star. And beautiful Bryn Evans is set to marry an Englishman while secretly obsessed with her ex-husband. At the heart of the novel is Lucy Green, who blames herself for a tragic accident she witnessed at the age of twelve, and who spends four decades searching for the Third Angel – the angel on earth who will renew her faith. Brilliantly evoking London’s King’s Road, Knightsbridge, and Kensington while moving effortlessly back in time, The Third Angel is a work of startling beauty about the unique, alchemical nature of love.