Red Hook Road

Original title: 

Red Hook Road

Polish title: 

Droga do Red Hook

1st edition: 
to be published

Ayelet Waldman (born in 1964) is a former lawyer. She is noted for her essays, and for her writing (both fiction and non-fiction) about motherhood, family life, career and society. As Waldman spent three years working as a federal public defender, in all her fiction she has drawn extensively on her legal education and career as a lawyer.

A rich and rewarding story of love, loss, and the power of family from the bestselling author of Bad Mother and Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. In the aftermath of a devastating wedding day, two families, the Tetherlys and the Copakens, find their lives unraveled by unthinkable loss. Over the course of the next four summers in Red Hook, Maine, they struggle to bridge differences of class and background to honor the memory of the couple, Becca and John. As Waldman explores the unique and personal ways in which each character responds to the tragedy—from the budding romance between the two surviving children, Ruthie and Matt, to the struggling marriage between Iris, a high strung professor in New York, and her husband Daniel—she creates a powerful family portrait and a beautiful reminder of the joys of life. Elegantly written and emotionally gripping, Red Hook Road affirms Waldman’s place among today’s most talented authors.