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III.2007 (hardcover)

Sara Gran is the author of Saturn's Return to New York (2001), Come Closer (2003), Dope (2006), and Claire DeWitt & The City of the Dead (2011), the first in a series of novels featuring private eye Claire DeWitt, as well as Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway (2013). Her work has been published in over a dozen countries and as many languages. Her books have been optioned for film by Miramax, Dimension, and Paramount. Born in Brooklyn in 1971, Ms. Gran lived in New York City until 2004. Since then she has traveled widely and lived throughout the US including Miami and New Orleans. She now resides in the state of California. Before making a living as a writer, Ms. Gran had many jobs, primarily with books, working at Manhattan bookstores like Shakespeare & Co, The Strand, and Housing Works, and selling used & rare books on her own.

1950s New York and heroin has flooded the streets. Jo Flannigan sure has picked a dumb time to give it up. Now she's reduced to boosting jewellery to get by. When she's offered a thousand bucks to find Nadine, a good girl turned dope fiend, she can't resist the chance to make some easy money. Josephine is no stranger to drunks and hustlers and in her search for Nadine she finds herself revisiting her own downfall. Nadine has been glimpsed at Rose's where skinny girls dance for a dime. She's also been seen with Jerry McFall, someone Jo isn't too keen to catch up with. The world Jo thinks she knows so well is about to turn round and bite her...