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IV.2009 (paperback)

Born in 1949 Paul grew up in Newcastle, a seaside town on the east coast of Northern Ireland. He studied medicine in Trinity College Dublin from 1969 to 1975, graduating with an honours degree in Paediatrics. Not long after he moved to Australia to work in a hospital cum family practice in Gawler, a town fringing the Barossa Valley, South Australia’s famous wine growing area. In 1984 he returned to Ireland to establish his own practice, a specialised clinic dealing with allergy problems in children. He now lives in south Dublin with his wife and two children.His first thriller, Scalpel became an immediate "Irish Times" bestseller. Both Cold Steel and Final Duty also were "Irish Times" bestsellers. Paul’s novels have been translated into over a dozen languages, from German to Japanese.

A killer is stalking the corridors of Dublin’s Central Maternity Hospital. A young laboratory assistant is found brutally murdered at her bench and the only clue is a blood stained scalpel. The police investigation, led by DS Kate Hamilton, is blocked by a wall of silence from hospital staff, desperate to protect their reputations. DS Hamilton suspects the murderer is among them but as she closes in on the killer, she little realises the hunter has become the hunted. Will Hamilton uncover the killer before he gets to his next victim? Every patient’s nightmare is about to come true.