Con Law

Original title: 

Con Law

Polish title: 

Prawo konstytucyjne

1st edition: 
to be published
Wydawnictwo Sonia Draga

Mark Gimenez grew up in Galveston County, Texas. He studied political science and graduated from Notre Dame law school in 1980, and then practiced law with a major Dallas law firm. After ten years he left in order to start his own solo practice and to write. He specializes in legal thrillers. He lives in Texas with his wife and two sons.

John Bookman - Book to his friends - is a tenured professor at the University of Texas School of Law. He's thirty-five, handsome and unmarried. He teaches Constitutional Law, reduces senators to blithering fools on political talk shows, and is often mentioned as a future Supreme Court nominee. But Book is also famous for something more unusual. He likes to take on lost causes and win. Consequently, when he arrives at the law school each Monday morning, hundreds of letters await him, letters from desperate Americans around the country seeking his help. Every now and then, one letter captures his attention and Book feels compelled to act. In the first of a thrilling new series from the author of international bestsellers The Colour of Law and Accused, Book investigates a murder in the corrupt world of deepest, darkest Texas.